super-symmetry and desire combine to make this a "metapainting textbook" of the principles of metalepsis.

Piero della Francesca, Virgin and Child Enthroned with Four Angels, c. 1460-70, Williamstown, Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute. Within this exquisite quadration, incarnation is held just out of reach to create a super-symmetry, an inside frame.

locus: miscellaneous writing


Gathered from seminars, lectures, collaborations, and failed publications, the LOCUS collection includes essays about discourse theory, Lacan, Vico, enunciation, boundary language in all its guises, the "calculus" of George Spencer-Brown converted into a calculus of metalepsis, travel theory, literary and film criticism, numerology, the zairja, and goldfish memory.





boundary language quick guide

boundary language, aristotle edition

enunciating/énoncé: the vichian key

enunciating/énoncé: “the queer feet”

enunciating mulholland drive

enunciating travel

frame theory: visualizing lacan

the basic crisscross



flash! pop!

laying ghosts

the dark side of desire

discourse as architecture

discourse architecture, part 2

tuche and automaton

anamorphosis, the imaginary, alchemy

anacoluthic pathway

the performative in architecture

the architectural performative and the uncanny

metonymy and the modern (notes)

the space between the legs

pirates of penzance: strategic, nomadic, authentic movement