metalepsis newslitters (2013–2014)

plus a new series starting in 2015

The first metalepsis seminar (Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center) was supplemented by a bi-weekly, sometimes weekly "newslitter" (borrowing from James Joyce's habit of switching "litter" for "letter") covering seminar sessions, opening new topics, and providing links to sources. When the seminar went dormant in the spring of 2014, the newslitter continued, and though the summer and fall of 2014 occasional issues appeared.


Newslitters were originally focused on Lacanian themes, later they branched out into popular culture studies, especially film. Later numbers raised the issue of "jouissance 2," Lacan's unfinished project for returning to the "act," the stage of Being occulted by the (forced) choice of the subject to enter into the Symbolic. As "occulted" and never truly foreclosed, Being remains an option for subjectivity, but only for subjectivity realized in its radical feminine mode, the Psyche of Cupid and Psyche. Mythologies are all about this rescue operation.


new series (starting winter 2015) begins this January, covering critical philosophy and the idiotic method. The info is available elsewhere, but this re-packaging can be useful for a review of the metalepsis agenda.