Sites of exception are the rule in the art where double framing opens up a portal to the "acousmatic" flesh of the world.

Homage to Magritte, Antonello da Messina, and Everyone Else, Collage, Carolina Dayer, 2014.

phd/post-doc seminars, workshops, tutorials


Boundary Languge Workshops have been held at Penn State, Penn, N.C. State, Cleveland Urban Center, Yale, Carleton, and Buffalo.The first official metalepsis seminar was held at the Washington-Alexandria Architecture Center of Virginia Tech. in Alexandria, Virginia. Small group sessions have been held at Alexandria, Boalsburg, Penn, Carleton and elsewhere. Events can be arranged for a class, small group, or individual at sites that themselves embody the idea of "site of exception." Contact Don Kunze with a proposal for a workshop, lecture, seminar, tutorial, or e-study.

recent events


Fall 2015: Seminar, Penn State, "Critique" (with Claudio Sgarbi).

Fall 2015: Seminar, WAAC, "Critique" (with Paul Emmons)

Fall 2015: Workshop, Carleton University, November 22–27


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