the zairja writing machine

Life as a writer means a relationship with writing productivity, and the limits on productivity are usually writer-generated. Whether it's "writer's block," excuses (travel, depression, elation, chores), or the lame offering "not ready," the enemies of productivity are legion, so there needs to be a method that works and never changes. This requires that the method be personally fit to each individual writer, and the method this "workshop" proposes is the zairja, the 11c. super computer invented by Arabic/Jewish/Christian mystics who put together an un-do death drive machine that, instead of computing answers, de-computes questions.

This workshop starts out with a blog discussion with links to some key texts that will develop as we go along. Tune in to get the latest links (at least) or (better) join in the exchanges. The aim is to get anyone who wants it the ability to turn out 2000–5000 words or more a day so that editing can begin to refine and condense to a high-quality final product. Writing is key to thinking, but thinking about writing is not really thinking, it's only "thinking." Thinking begins with the first word on the first page. I'm aiming to develop a METHOD that WORKS, so help me with your own experimentation and practice. First, visit the Zairja page on this site to learn the basics, also how to do a zairja with a group.

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